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4208 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15213 (412) 904-1429

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We’re blending our passion for making delicious food with our extensive knowledge of our cuisine to create authentic and classic dishes for your enjoyment. We use the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients and promise to give your taste buds something to be excited about.

Thank you for ordering directly from our website which helps us to provide the best service with a focus on top-quality ingredients. Enjoy your next meal to go—you will not be disappointed!

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Google Reviews

Ereck Boykin

I ordered the beef shawarma and it was really good. The staff was super friendly and personable. Great atmosphere being inside of the college area in Pittsburgh.

Edward Moore

Omar’s is soooo good! I love the chicken shawarma wrap on saj. Today I splurged and got fries as well. It is very reasonably priced and everyone who works there is so nice!

Rome Ah

Great experience. The guy's working were extremely nice. Shawarma was amazingly authentic and delicious. The breading is imported and the meat is halal. We will definitely be visiting again.


I can say it’s the best Shawerma in the city. Nice place to hang around with a friend, kind people, and great service, and of course great taste. I recommend this place.

Logan Kauffman

Easily the best Arabic food in town. Omar is always pleasant to chat with and I’ve never had a bad meal. I get the beef and chicken shawarma, shawarma burger, and occasionally, some fries. The food is fantastic, and well priced considering the quality.

LJ Woolcock

I love this place! Definitely the best quick lunch for the best price in Oakland, and the people who run it are awesome! My personal favorite is the chicken wrap on pita.